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Church of Scientology Mission of Sonoma


Donna Barton Thomas is a 35-year resident of Sonoma Valley, has raised three children in Sonoma and bases her Management and Bookkeeping Company locally. She is a Minister of the Church Of Scientology and Acting Director of the Sonoma Mission of the church.


Donna Thomas Biography/Qualifications


Regional Achievements  

  • Historic Award for restoration of the Nicholas Carriger property.

  • Renovation and retrofitting of the 500 Broadway Building on Sonoma Square, including the restored map of Sonoma on it.

  • Participating in renovation and retrofitting of the original Masonic Building on the square and subsequently owns and leases her office condo at this location.

Community Involvement

  • One of the original parents to establish the Sonoma Charter School; volunteered courses in study, dictionary usage and literature for two years.

  • Member - Sonoma Valley Ministerial AssociationVolunteer - Operation Youth, interfaith and community activities. 


  • A trained and certified Dianetics and Scientology Counselor for over 45 years helping others experience:

                            Relief from stress 

                            Develop new abilities in communication

                            Teach problem solving and creative living skills

  • Licensed Business Consultant.

Articles by Donna Thomas:

Faith and Renewal

Donna Thomas


The beginning of the year is the time for renewed goals and resolutions.  Myself, I am all in for these, each and every year.  Yet I’m often coming up with the same “New Year Resolutions” this time of the year.  If I were more pessimistic, I would think this is the very definition of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting a different result.


However, I have faith that my ideas can bring about a change in my condition, even if I have yet to be fully successful.  I grew up with the idea “cockeyed optimist” – though what my eyes have to do with it is hard to understand.  I stand by my faith nonetheless.


L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Dianetics and Scientology, said “consideration take rank over the mechanics of space, energy and time”.  This means that ideas are superior to the material universe.  The recent fires seemed like they were definitely the superior force this fall, yet the resolve of our many heroes and the idea that we would pull together and prevail proved to be the higher truth.


I know it is commonly said that there is little one man can do, that the forces of economics, political trends and armies rule.  I disagree.  I think the ideas of men rule.

Leonardo Di Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, the Beatles and Steve Jobs are but a few individuals who changed the very way vast numbers of people live.   Each of the great spiritual leaders changed cultures, political scenes and conquered countries with ideas.  All these ideas, be they religious, artistic or political, ruled the day far more effectively than the armies of the same times.  Yes, Lincoln also had an army and economic advantages, but it was the ideas of the rights and freedom of the each person that won hearts. It was these very ideas that our country was founded on, and the Declaration of Human Rights, influenced by Greek thought and adopted by the United Nations, serves to establish the basic concepts of dignity, liberty, equality and basic human rights that much of our world has adopted.  We have a long way to go to live up to these ideas, but we have the idea and set the goal first.


My ideas may not be so lofty, but the day I give up on my ideas I’ve given up on my very life. So I will continue to have faith in my ideas, and work to make them a reality.  Each year I think my thoughts, envision the results I want and find pleasure in achieving even small parts of my goals.  Take more walks with my dog, eat more veggies, create more adventures with my family and help more people in ways that can change lives for the better are a few of my “resolutions”.  What are yours?

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